For 23 miles, Lamar Boulevard runs north-south through Austin, reflecting the social and economic realities of this city in the 21st century.

Curious to figure out where it started, I used Google Maps to search the north area. Best I can find is at the intersection of W. Howard Lane at I-35. There’s a feeder road next to the free way listed as I-35 Frontage Road. Just south of Howard, it splits into two roads РFrontage Rd and Lamar Blvd.

I decided to start there and walked down the road with my camera until I got tired, then walked back to return the following weekend to pick up where I left off.

To me, the northern part of Lamar is a mash-up of culture. You got your typical suburban Texas high school down the road from a Taoist Temple and the North Austin Muslim Community Center plus a African food truck. I walked by subdivisions – some new, some old.